Facility Change or Temporary Closure

Facility Changes

CABC-accredited birth centers must report any of the following facility changes to the CABC:

  • moves to a new facility
  • adds a new facility
  • renovates the existing facility

CABC then conducts a Facility Check site visit to ensure that the birth center is still in compliance with the standards. The Facility Check fee is less than the fee for a non-ordinary site visit and includes staff meals, lodging and travel. Contact the CABC office for the current fee.

Temporary Closure

If a birth center expects a temporary closure or a birth center stops admitting clients for birth, lasting less than 6 months, then the birth center may request that their accredited status be retained as inactive accreditation.

  1. The birth center must request this inactive status in writing detailing the reasons for temporary closure and their anticipated remedies.
  2. This request will be reviewed by the Chair and Vice Chairs of the CABC who will then determine if the request will be granted.

If granted:

  • The CABC:
    • Changes the listing for that birth center to “accredited and inactive” status on CABC’s verification page of the website.
    • Supplies the birth center with an official letter explaining this status to whom it may concern.
  • The birth center:
    • Is responsible to inform clients, vendors, department of health, payers, etc. of the new status.
    • Has a maximum of 6 months to resolve the issue that led to their temporary cosure.
    • Must submit to the CABC and in writing detailed account of the resolution of the issue(s) that caused the request for inactive accreditation status.

CABC will review this report and decide whether the problem is resolved and the birth center may resume accredited status OR the birth center must have a non-ordinary site visit to amplify and or clarify or verify their report before a decision can be made to resume their accredited status.