Getting Re-Accredited

1-Yr Review or Ordinary Site Visit?

1-Yr Review

The 1-Year Review is the first re-accreditation site visit after one-year accreditation. Payments are due before registering for the 1-Year Review site visit as follows:

  • First half of total is due in order to get access to the online training and application forms.
  • Second half is due in order to schedule the site visit.

The 1-Year Review site visit will be scheduled after the 1-Year Review fee is paid in full.

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Milestones & Deadlines

Ordinary Site Visit

An Ordinary Site Visit is for re-accreditation of birth centers enrolled in our monthly program where payments are automatic. To learn about all the accreditation activities that are covered in the monthly program, see the Dedicated to Excellence column on the Benefits of Accreditation page.

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Milestones & Deadlines

During each year between Site Visits, enrolled birth centers also complete an Interim Status Report, which is also evaluated by a CABC Decision Panel. CABC will contact you each year for this report.

Re-accreditation Site Visit Request

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There are limited site visit dates available. CABC will contact you to firm up your site visit date. Be prepared to tell us:

  • whether you would like the site visit on the weekend or during the week
  • any blackout dates
  • the full range of your preferred dates
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